Level 1.1s Kit

$750.00 750.00


300XS Level 1.1s

This kit is designed for those who want to keep the stock cowling and air box in place. We have invested thousands in development on this kit. This is a sleeper. Send us your ECU and we will re calibrate it to produce more torque and acceleration using the stock cowling and air box. We also move the rev limiter to 6800 rpm so you can enjoy the acceleration and hole shot of short props while keeping the same top speed. This map is designed around the stock cowl and will not work with a modified or our alien cowl. This simple kit comes with templates and detailed instructions on how to move and re install your air temp sensor and modify your stock air box. This kit requires the temp sensor to be moved..you can do it in 10 minutes. You will enjoy a better hole shot with more mid pull and may pick up 1 mph or so on top with existing prop. We are also seeing less heat soak power loss with this well designed map. Your engine should pull hard cool or warm. Remember the stock cowling is the restrictor plate. If you are looking for more top end.... look up. Level 1.1
Level 1.1S Kit Price:  $ 750
  • ECU recalibration upgrade optimizes fuel, oil and ignition curves and trims. This re calibration has been also a year in development and raises the rev limit to 6800 rpm and increase torque by 20 and hp by 5 ( cowling is the restrictor) if you modify cowling you need Level 1.1 mapping
  • mapping provides confidence lean areas are removed
  • lower exhaust gas temp that increases gear case life
  • Easy to understand instructions with templates for modifying stock air box  and moving air temp sensor
  • Optional Billet custom flywheel (optional @$950 additional charge) great hole shot and acceleration.
  • ******Never move your air sensor or any sensor without a matching DBR kit ECU calibration or serious engine damage may occur. We have taken the time to develop this as a matched kit. Please follow our instructions and you will see very positive results.
  • Requires 91 pump fuel..same as stock. Period. Do not run 87. If forced to, never operate above 4000 or run wide open throttle. Our mapping will be safe if you follow this advice when forced to run the wrong fuel.
  • We support the use of Aces 2s octane booster. Follow instructions on bottle.