Hydro Therapy

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Hydro Therapy Polymer Sealant

Looking For more protection than a quick detailer?? Then look no further than Hydro Therapy!!

Hydro Therapy is is a synthetic polymer sealant for all painted surfaces and your gel coat. what Hydro Therapy has to offer you is a longer lasting protection than carnauba wax, up to 3 months on your car or up to 2 weeks on your boat in that blistering sun, and still in a spray bottle. 

Don't worry the application is still easy... you simply spray the product onto a microfiber rag or onto the surface in a cool shaded area, buff this amazing product into the surface, let it haze, then wipe off! that's it!!!


  • Great scent
  • Long lasting with superior protection 
  • Easy application
  • Comes in 32oz bottle 

Recommended surfaces: Fiberglass/Gel coat, Any painted surface

Not Recommended: Leather, Auto Upholstery