Cutting Edge Series III 5 Blade Labbed Propeller

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Available in both right and left hand rotation as well as matched sets. Sizing availability from 14 3/4” – 15 3/8 diameters with pitch availability in one inch increments, odd or even from 21” to 36”. Polished or race prepped satin finish available.

Manufactured from stainless one piece castings, then hand labbed, Cutting Edge Series III, 5 Blade Labbed Propellers are manufactured with strength and accuracy in a one off environment. Each propeller is tailored exclusively for the customer’s individual hull type, power and performance requirements. Comes on plane easier and sooner while staying on plane longer, this labbed propeller excels in all areas of high performance. Excellent all around performance is experienced from these labbed five blade propellers including extreme hole shot, very low planing speeds, greatly increased mid-range cruise speeds are achieved without sacrificing top end, making this propeller an ideal choice for High X dimension set ups, extremely effective on air entrapment or tunnel hulls. Larger or heavier boats with higher passenger volumes and loads. Excellent performer for boats that pull water toys and skiers! Cutting Edge propellers manufactures only labbed high performance propellers.

*Available Vented for 2-Stroke Outboard Applications

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