300xs Level 1.1 Kit

$1,000.00 1,000.00


Step up your 300XS performance affordably!  Level 1.1 kits are winning races every weekend worldwide. The first step in achieving more XS performance is the Level 1.1 performance kit. Honest bolt on power. We have hundreds of hours testing and are very proud of our kits performance. This boosts your Optimax 300XS an additional 25HP and 25 ft lbs of torque. This is the best "dollar per horsepower" value available, period. We have racers gaining as much as 4 mph.

**** Level 1.1 eliminates destructive water ingestion common to all 300XS's see Adam McKeon's video

This kit requires you to send us your stock ECU in which we re -calibrate and  return to you alongside our exclusive billet velocity stack and air intake plate. We reprogram your stock ECU with  improved mapping containing optimized behind the scenes  corrections , trims, ignition / fueling / oil curves, and a higher 7000 RPM rev limit. This tune retains the OE minimum requirement of 91 Octane Fuel. Level 1.1 kit also requires an air intake vent that requires simple installation and hidden vent to be cut in the cowl ( If you want to run a stock cowl see Level 1.1s below). Also  re location of the stock air temp sensor is necessary. We provide the parts (not the tools) and instructions for this simple instillation. This kit eliminates water ingestion problems and keeps your electronics dry saving money over time. We ask you to plug the stock rear air entrance, forcing cool air to be drawn from the front of the engine. Level1.1 gains are 3-5MPH, with eye opening acceleration and throttle response. Add the optional billet flywheel and pick up more acceleration and high rpm engine balance for greater reliability. We strongly recommend balancing (on any flywheel) as we have seen failure due to out of balance  modified steel wheels. If you lighten yours...balance it. The lighter the flywheel the harder the acceleration. We have found the perfect weight to inertia ratio to gain the most acceleration and also retain stock idle and shift characteristics. This tune retains the OE minimum requirement of 91 Octane Fuel.  If you want to keep your cowling and air-box stock this requires a different mapping strategy. Level1.1s

Level 1.1 Kit Price:  $ 1000
  • ECU recalibration upgrade optimizes fuel, oil and ignition curves and trims. This re calibration has been a year in development and raises the rev limit to 7000 rpm and increase torque and hp by 25.
  • Aluminum anodized velocity stack 
  • 300X style intake vent  
  • lower exhaust gas temp that increases gear case life
  • Easy to understand instructions with templates for mounting vent and air temp sensor
  • Optional Billet custom flywheel (optional @$1000 additional charge)
  • ******Never move your air sensor or any sensor without a matching DBR kit ECU calibration or serious engine damage may occur. We have taken the time to develop this as a matched kit. Please follow our instructions and you will see very positive results.
  • Requires 91 pump fuel..same as stock. Period. Do not run 87. If forced to, never operate above 4000 or run wide open throttle. Our mapping will be safe if you follow this advice when forced to run the wrong fuel.
  • We support the use of Aces 2s octane booster. Follow instructions on bottle.